Our Impact

The impact of news articles is virtually impossible to measure except in the most extraordinary circumstances. Hundreds of thousands have read the Women's eNews coverage of maternal health in the United States and have taken action as small as sending a tweet and as major as starting their own organization. The ones listed below are six we feel comfortable claiming some credit for. 

  • The Women's eNews maternal health reporting was instrumental in the 2013 decision by Merck, the giant pharmaceutical company, to commit $50 million toward reducing U.S. maternal mortality .
  • New York City has begun to work with community tasks forces to reduce maternal mortality after documenting where women are most at risk.
  • Dr. Michael Lu, chief of maternal and infant division for the federal Health and Human Services Department, initiated a $5 million program to reduce U.S. maternal mortality.
  • The Centers for Disease Control confirmed our research documenting the lack of baby-friendly hospitals in African-American communities. 
  • The Women's Policy Forum organized the first-ever congressional briefing on U.S. maternal mortality, inviting Women's eNews sources as the presenters.