The Mission and Goals of the Jane Crow Project

The mission of the Jane Crow Project is to produce multi-media presentations that uncover the hidden and false narratives undermining the health, safety and wellbeing of all American women of childbearing age, with a major focus on the history of racial and gender bias that continues to compromise the health of African American women, their infants and their communities.

  • Goal One: Using the techniques of investigative journalism, gather documentation of the institutional racial and gender bias that African American women experience, including, but not limited to, the areas of: reproductive health care; job opportunities and wage discrimination; coverage by government income support programs; criminal and civil legal procedures and protection from family violence.

  • Goal Two: To produce narrative media presentations that detail these institutional biases, place them in context and explore the consequences to African American women, their families and their communities. The media presentations will include news stories, audio and video recordings, a website, promotion through social media, still photographs, speaking engagements and a non-fiction book.

  • Goal Three: To expand the overall awareness in the women's health community of the risks all U.S. women face from the rising maternal mortality and morbidity rates, as demonstrated by the the institutional factors in the care of African American women.