Q: What does the phrase "Jane Crow" refer to?

A. Jane Crow refers to a focus on the race-based experiences of African American Women during the post-Reconstruction era, beginning in 1877, to the present day.

Q. How is Jane Crow distinct from "Jim Crow."

"Jim Crow" refers to a series of Laws and Practices that systematically denied the rights of citizenship to all African Americans that lasted for nearly 100 years. Jim Crow was a legal and cultural construct enforced by violence, including rape and lynching. The phrase has fallen out of use since the much of the overtly race-based laws and many cultural practices were dismantled by Civil Rights movements and related legal victories.

Q: Why focus only on the experiences of women?

A: African American women had very specific experiences because they are female. These include, but are not limited to, high maternal mortality and morbidity rates, job segregation, wage discrimination, higher rates of deep poverty, higher vulnerability to rape, domestic violence and homicide and biased treatment in the educational and legal systems.

Q: How do I find the organizations that are working on these issues?

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